RRRecycled & Split with Green Mist

Hope it's sunny where you are. I've just got back from a long deserved holiday and have two new tapes out.

Ok so I have finally got copies of the split with Green Mist, it's KILLER!!!!!


I have personally about 6 copies that I owe to trades etc.. So I'd strongly recommend you buy a copy from Turgid Animal...


Whilst you are there buy loads of other stuff. Its worth it. Say that I sent you.

OK tape number 2...

BBBlood RRRecycled...

Noise Legend RRRon (aka Emil Beaulieau) issued an open invite to the noise community to have their releases out on his label recycled.

Mine was fortunatly released along with countless others. I should be getting my copies soon. I think 7 copies. I can do trades for them please email in advance about it as I think I'll run out pretty soon.


Nothing in concrete coming soon, rumbles about playing Brighton in September but that seems like an age away. Any gig offers I'm up for it!

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