New Releases...

Out Now:

BBBlood - Existential Extraterrestrial (Existential Cloth)

I have a few copies for sale. £2.50 (ppd UK) £3.50 (world). Outside UK I'd recommend contacting the label.

Up Coming Releases:

BBBlood - 3" (Burnt Sound Offerings) - Expected soon.

VA "Aspergers Fund Raiser" compilation tape (Atrax Morgue [RIP] , Sudden Infant , Crank Sturgeon , Obscure Noise Control , Vomir , BBBlood , Mutant Ape , Fecalove , Hatred in eyes , I dm theft able , Battery Suspects + more tba)

VA - Turgid Animal - Tape series.

BBBlood (CDr or Tape) - Kaleidoscope Gang

BBBlood CDr - Vulgar Eye

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