TOTAL SHAVE! - New Tape(s) / Updates

Another new tape out now from the wonderful people at Isolated Now Waves.

Talking trolls and shards of steel bending and vessels bursting....This wicked split comes in a little box full of treats. BBBlood is a dude from the UK breaking walls and Mongst is J.V.Dubbleyou of Shearing Pinx infamy. Ltd to 50 copies.

It looks fantastic and is probably some of my favourite BBBlood material to date. I should be receiving my copies soon but anyone over the other side of the pond should put in an order with Isolated Now Waves.

Big big thanks to Jer for this.

The Watzon / Proktor vol 1-3 collab tape is available through Turgid Animal, also the long overdue English noise compilation is out now.

"V/A - "Horrible English Noise" C-32

Finally, ultra delayed Turgid Compilation featuring the cream of the crop of English pure noise: Filthy Turd, Bongoleero's (now defunct, that's how long its been!), BBBlood, Cementimental, Mutant Ape and DOG. Full colour art by Tisbor, first edition of 30 on ultra nice purple tapes!"

Turgid Animal

I can't even remember what my tracks sound like for this.


Lick-A-Lotta-Puss said...

It shows 2 tracks, Priism Optimissmm & Burn, Like Bud, for side 1, BBBlood side on discogs, but no time for each...

Paul Watson said...

That's correct, my side lasts about 14 mintes