BBBlood - Bloody Mess? Yes! ~ Romford last night + Updates

Good morning or good evening... whatever.

First off played a very cool show last night in Romford. It wasn't a normal BBBlood show it was a 'Sweaty Days' gig. This means I played along side the legendary Rupert Murder (aka Wet Dreams and a hundred other names.) It went really well we had a few issues with sound levels at one point but it all worked out cool. Drinking loads before setting up gear is not a great move but it all worked out.

We got to Romford and it's not really changed much since I was there last year but it was little things that you notice. Fuck I don't want to ramble on too much but it was just little eerie to be back there but when the booze kicked in it was business as normal. Psyched up to make some loud noise we took the stage and layed down a slab of noise boogie wonderland experience. I think the people enjoyed it, later today I'm going to listen to play back of what we recorded.

Some Photo's Thanks to Tarik for taking them..

On directly after us was Tiger Piss, who was amazing as ever he played some pure tonal bliss tricks and looped chants and improv drumming beats. It was excellent and the finishing move was to spill his pint all over the floor almost blowing up Jay's power sockets. Hehe, it was very cool.

After some mopping up and a few more pints necked, was the turn for Made out of wool to take the stage. it's the first time I've seen them with a full line up and it was a treat. My minds a little fuzzy but I was literally soaking in the sound waves very cool set. Yes I know I said soaking like I need some kinda bath or something, but it did have that effect over me. Very cool!

I hope the BBBlood/Made Out Of Wool big band cd can be processed quicker, as I'm itching to release some of their music.

Then after the 'noise' played it was just a normal club night, two bands played afterwards but I didn't watch them play, probably because of my drunken state at the time. After that it was more drinking and catching up with people I know. Very cool night.

I'd really like to thank everyone individually for turning up last night. It was nice to see so many people I know at a show, hopefully Romford will have another night of noise. Well that's wishful thinking really.

But thanks go to Jay, Louis, Rich, Barnes and Big Muff Regan. everyone else I chatted with, embraced and got drinks from.

Here's the flyer...

Special Mention ~ Happy Casio

Ah yes I almost forgot to mention..

You have to check out the high fuel'd Indie rock bontempi bastards Happy Casio.

Last night I was given a copy of a special ep called "Bloody Mess? Yes!" and have been listening to it solid this morning. Hopefully it might make a Trans-Dimensional sushi appearance, well I've not asked them about this yet.

They are playing loads of gigs and are still unsigned if anyone is interested

Sep 11 2006 8:00A
AllSorted?! @ Hog in Armour, Norwich Norwich
Sep 25 2006 8:00A
Spread Eagle, Shoreditch London
Oct 20 2006 8:00P
Come Out 2 Nite, The Purple Turtle London
Oct 27 2006 8:00A
Dolly Mixture @ MacSorleys Bar TBC Glasgow

Yeah so Cheers Sean/Laura for coming out to my gig last night enjoy the records!

Ok BBBlood update - August 23rd

Couple of shows coming up this month be there or be someone who don't like noise.

Undereducated Night @ The Grovesnor - Stockwell, London
Wednesday 23rd August

Lucky Dragons -
Tiger Piss (aka the Danny Dyer of Experimental Music) -
Gay Against You -
Thee Moths -

New Releases available

Ok I've got 3 copies of the BBBlood / Mutant Ape colab cd left

084: Mutant Ape and BBBlood - "Armed Combat Collaborations V" CD-r £2.50

Another vile edition to Mutant Ape's Armed Combat circus! Harsh and relentless track in thirty mins. In simular vein to the rest of the series: TOTAL HARSH TERROR! Printed on tracing paper, looks nice! Limited to 14 copies.

Get it from - Turgid Animal and whilst you are there buy loads of other stuff. I now have copies so e-mail / pm me if you are interested.

This has not gone on the website yet so snap them up before they are gone... gone... gone...

Also I have 3 copies left of the amazing NoSt8ment compilation

I got my copies last night and it's an excellent compilation. I insist you get one. Either contact me or go direct to NoSt8ment...

Featuring tracks from T11, Green Mist, BBBlood, AEC, Falling Boy, Textured Bird Transmission, Towering Breaker, Guanoman, Gland, Mutant Ape and more .....

Check it out.

I've still got copies of the BBBlood / Rank Sinatra 7" for sale, I can't stress how much of a cool release it is. £4 ppd UK, £5 ppd world.

Also I am down to a few copies of the DVD (Hand Made DVD of BBBlood live) left they are going quick. Get one whilst they are hot! £4ppd UK £5ppd World.

Ok thanks for reading and keep your eyes peeled for more updates.

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