2nd Trans-dimensional Sushi Release / BBBlood - Bloodmoss

Mutant Ape - The Slab EP (Business Card Release)

George (aka Mutant Ape) Is a noisey northern shitcunt, BBBlood played a show with him in September last year and it was awesome. So it was only a matter of time I'd release one of his recordings. George co-runs Turgid Animal recordings and has put out loads of BBBlood recordings.

The Business Card is limited to 8 copies and will be ready in the next week, as soon as I get the Anotherenoughchairs CD out. Chances are I might run out really quickly.

Make sure you check out the Turgid Animal website..


Give George loads of money and buy Bloodmoss the new BBBlood recording.

010: BBBlood - "Bloodmoss" - CDr £3

BBBlood, one of the UK's finest geek-tronics acts around today. Track one is a live offering taken from Septembers gig at the 1 in 12 club in Braford. Blistering harsh noise and theremin abuse. Track two builds up into a hypnotic frenzy of pixel freak out. This is an all round awesome release. Comes with tin foil shit and inserts a plenty. Limited to 20 copies.

and check Mutant Apes website..


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