Transdimensional Sushi

Well I've always insisted for years I wont do a label as I've worked with so many people who have done it. Both ultra DIY and Professional but they have all had a mixed bag of success and debts. But a while back me and my college Guanoman (Matt) decieded to do a little label called

Transdimensional Sushi.

He's an exceptional artist and does loads of good work and experimental works.

The first release we did was the BBB/Guanoman split what came out ages ago was a taster since then we've been working on a compilation

Various Artists - "WASABI FOR YOUR BRAIN"

what is going to look and sound rather nice. With tracks from loads of UK acts who need more exposure such as Anotherenoughchairs, Casio Death Orgy and then we have a couple from more established acts. It's not strictly a Harsh comp it's more experimental than anything.

After that I plan to release the following...

Pinhead Dwarf - Spending Time With Happy Noodle Boy

WOW I've been friends with this bizarre timelord / mystical guru for ages and he always appears when you least expect him. Well he sent me a tape and I've agreed to transfer it to CD and get a run of 20 copies done. expect 20 odd mins of looped and garbled messages in botslavian noise and harsh gabba styled beatz. very tasty

Anotherenoughchairs - Blind Flags

My good friend Jason from Brighton has helped me out so much over the years with releasing my first two full length records and loads of promotion in the UK, virtually got me my first gig and he/his missus are exceptional people who run the awesome Nost8ment label. Formally Fridge Magnet but with a stick of dynamite up its ass AEC plays a full on noise feast with enough to share out for the whole family.

Cherry Tombs - Debut Full Length

Louis and I have been working on this bad boi for a very long time and has changed so much since the demo ep we did for Titus records earlier this year, if you liked that I'm sure you'll love this. Expect, beats, drones, hisses, distorted pop, freakouts, dance music and ambience. Well we try our best.

After that I think Matt has some plans for releases and I'd love to work on doing a few more records for people. All these releases are expected early next year and will smoke!

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